Good Looks and Functionality Combine in the Apex SR 9000

The Apex SR 9000 insulated impact traffic door is not only engineered to ensure safety and ruggedness, but it also manages to blend into any environment as a result of its sleek, modern design. The engineers at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors carefully assessed the optimum design elements required in the harshest conditions to produce this popular locally manufactured door.

It is important that traffic doors combine functionality with longevity. In areas where the movement of pedestrians and goods is particularly high, consideration to the durability of the door needs to be balanced with its ability to provide an unhindered flow of traffic. Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Fruit Fresh With High-Spec Ditec Alimax Rapid Roll Up Doors

A newly-established fruit processing plant in Salima, 90 km from Lilongwe in Malawi, is setting the trend by being a 100% renewable energy international standard processing facility. The plant’s team visited and worked with over 100 processing facilities around the world, to ensure a design driven by the highest possible quality standards. Read the rest of this entry »