High Speed Doors Can Reduce Energy Costs

The efficiency of the supply chain combined with employee wellbeing are primary contributors to a productive workplace environment within manufacturing and storage facilities.

High speed roll up doors allow for rapid opening and closing and together with their longer operating life and high safety standards, provide these operations with an excellent return on investment as a result of faster turnaround times. Read the rest of this entry »

Optimum Safety with Apex Safety Screens

Apex Welding and Safety Screens are made from a specially formulated P.V.C. material and provide optimum safety in workshop environments where harsh ultra violet light and dangerous u.v. radiation occurs during welding and grinding processes.

This locally manufactured safety screen incorporates a heavy duty ultra violet light absorber, which safely contains all u.v. radiation in the curtained off area enhancing safety in the environment and providing a high level of protection for workers in close proximity to welding and grinding activities. Read the rest of this entry »