Apex Sector Doors Keep Traffic Moving At Refinery

Two high-speed, roll-up Sector doors have been installed by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors at a Gauteng gold refinery, following a detailed assessment of application requirements by the expert Apex team.

Operations manager at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, James Candy, says the doors were installed inside the refinery to form an air lock measuring about six metres in distance between the processing and storage areas. Read the rest of this entry »

Cabinet Blinds Reduce Seemanns’s Energy Bill

Continued operation of open refrigerated display cabinets after trading hours translates into unnecessarily high electricity consumption. And it can also result in premature compressor failure due to the extended duty cycles of these units.

Seemanns, a name recognised for the supply of quality meat and meat products, recently addressed this issue with the installation of Apex roller blinds on its upright refrigerated display units. This was done to both conserve energy and ensure optimum quality of the products stored in these units. Read the rest of this entry »