Seal Doorways Before the Heat of Summer Hits

With summer on the horizon, companies with large doorways that allow easy access will have to find a way of maintaining the indoor temperature to ensure comfortable working conditions.

Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains, and the South African pioneer of the use of flexible PVC strips in a number of industrial applications says that it is important to deal with a reputable company when selecting the most appropriate option to do this.

Dessing’s company offers a range of solutions including the traditional Apex Strip Curtain which features the patented Balledge® design.

“While general purpose strip curtains will certainly do the job in closing off a doorway and prevent the ingress of hot air into a working area, it may not be the most appropriate solution for a particular application,” he says.

Dessing urges companies to look at alternatives means of sealing doorways, and says that the range of products available today cater for both application and budget requirements.

Tested for ultra-violet transmittance, the conventional material gave readings of 0,0005%, 0,008% and 5.0% as opposed to Apex readings of 0,005%, 0,001 and 0,005%. When tested for total visible light transmittance, the tests were conclusive. The conventional material allowed 78%, while the Apex material allowed only 15,5% light transmittance – a dramatic difference.

Apex Welding and Safety Screens are impervious to burning, and this is of particular importance should the material come into contact with welding splatter.

Access to cordoned off areas is easy as the patented Balledge® design on the individual PVC strips facilitates easy access for both personnel and equipment. The strips part on contact and return to their original configuration ensuring an efficient close.

Available in several configurations to suit individual requirements, the most popular version is the freestanding frame that facilitates both easy handling and portability. The screens’ angled feet allow optimum utilisation of the floor space and the screens can be butted together at a 90-degree angle.

In addition to Apex Welding and Safety Screens, the company markets a range of high-speed roll up and fold up doors, which represent a leap forward in warehouse closure systems.

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