Apex’s Tough Traffic Door Resists Impacts – Beautifully

Standing up to high-impact traffic, while providing effective insulation and remaining attractive, is the reason for the popularity of the heavy-duty Apex SR 9000 traffic door.

Designed and manufactured locally by leading experts Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, the Apex SR 9000 doors boasts remarkable stability. This is because of its patented honeycomb framework and flexible urethane foam insulation. The high-density urethane core also ensures good sound-proofing qualities and renders it lightweight in relation to its strength.

To absorb impacts from carts, forklifts, golf carts, pallet jacks, trolleys or man-riding vehicles, the door is fitted with high bumpers. This also reduces stress on hardware and mount assemblies. Bull-nosed perimeter edges on the door panels have at least an 8 mm radius, which helps prevent excessive wear on the edges.

Much of the door’s visual appeal comes from its rugged 3 mm ABS outer facing, which is available in a range of colours. Despite its good looks, the surface is tough as nails, resisting attack from various substances including acid, petroleum products, salt solutions and animal fats. It will simply not chip dent, peel, pit or corrode.

Neither does it mind low temperatures, as it can retain its physical properties in temperatures as low as minus 40º C.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors manufactures all its products in accordance with international standards, using materials that comply with stringent hygiene and safety criteria. This includes ensuring that the urethane core in the door’s hollow shell does not contain carbon fibre reinforced carbon (CFRC), a substance that is difficult to recycle.

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