Cut Energy Costs With Quality, Local Strip Curtains

Rocketing electricity prices have placed cost pressures on every sector, making it vital to be efficient when heating or cooling production facilities; high-quality strip curtains help business owners achieve this by providing a thermal seal at main access doorways.

Manufactured by Johannesburg-based Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, this solution allows environmental separation, keeping out hot or cold air, humidity, dust, overspray and smoke, while still affording easy access for staff and vehicles.

As the first local manufacturer of general purpose strip curtaining in South Africa, Apex Strip Curtains & Doors has set the quality bar high, patenting its Balledge® design that ensures that people or goods moving through the opening are not snagged or scratched by the individual strips.

The design also creates an effective seal so that it complies with standards related to hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). This makes these strip curtains ideal for businesses in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, which need to be fastidious about preventing the ingress of unwanted elements.

According to Apex Strip Curtains & Doors managing director Wim Dessing, the company’s depth of experience in this specialised field allows it to customise solutions that meet customers’ design and regulatory considerations.

“Our investment in research and development has led to an extensive product range based on our customers’ various applications,” says Dessing. “We then apply stringent quality systems to our manufacturing process, and this ensures tight control of tolerances to meet exacting specifications.”

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors also supplies insulated and impact traffic swing doors, roll-up and fold-up speed doors, roller blinds and cabinet curtains for refrigerated display cabinets, and welding and safety screens.

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