Smart Reset Door

Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains, says the most important advantage of the heavy duty rapid roll­up Smart Reset door, is that should the side be accidentally dislodged, it will be automatically recovered during the next opening and closing operation.

“The ingenuity of the design is that the side hinges slide along special guides, together with the flexible curtain ends, and should the curtain be accidentally hit, the hinges come off the guides to avoid damage to the flexible curtain,” he explains. The door also incorporates a DSC electronic safety device which will automatically reverse the motion if an obstacle is hit when the door is closing.

The door is controlled by an electronic unit that complies with all 1EC regula­tions and can be activated by any type of remote control equipment including photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops. The door is fitted with a release lever that opens it from either side in the event of a power failure or malfunction.

Suitable for openings of up to 2 metres high and 4 metres wide, the door in­corporates an externally mounted motor which can be supplied with a manual emergency reopening device. The 3­phase 400 V motor comes complete with a limit switch and electrically­ operated handbrake.

Areas of applications include production plants, warehouses and shipment areas which need protecting, separating and insulating.

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