Apex’s Smart Reset Door for Safe, Productive Workspace

Helping warehouses, plants and shipment areas to raise turnaround times and safety levels while reducing downtime is the innovative Smart Reset roll-up door from industry leader Apex Strip Curtains & Doors.

This heavy duty door is equipped with an integral electronic safety device that automatically reverses its motion if an obstacle is encountered when the door is closing. Also, the bottom passive edge of the Apex Smart Reset Door is made of flexible and shock-proof material, protecting the door itself from damage – while two photocells mounted inside the casing of the door augments the electronic system to ensure that the curtain rolls uniformly.

Downtime is kept to a minimum with features such as the door’s automatic ‘fix’ characteristic. While the nature of the operations conducted through roll-up doors makes the sides vulnerable to being dislodged, this design allows it to recover automatically with a simple opening and closing operation.

If the door is inadvertently hit by a vehicle or object passing through, the hinges will come off the guides since the side hinges on the door slide along special guides, together with the flexible curtain ends. This avoids damage to the flexible curtain itself.

The Apex Smart Reset Door is also well equipped to deal with power failures and malfunctions. Fitted with a release lever, it can be opened from either side. It can be activated by any type of remote control equipment, including photocells, pressure-sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops – as it is controlled by an electronic unit that complies with all IEC regulations.

Its unobtrusive design makes it ideal for openings of up to two metres high and four metres wide, and it can be equipped with an optional inverter system to make it easy to adjust its opening and closing speeds. To reduce stress on mechanical components and improve the door’s reliability and longevity, there are soft-start and soft-stop features.

Equally strong and durable is the curtain itself; manufactured in Class 2 self-extinguishing polyester, it can withstand winds of up to 120 km/h. The panel sections are interchangeable and connected by extruded aluminium profiles which reinforce the entire door – further reducing maintenance requirements.

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