Cabinet Blinds Reduce Seemanns’s Energy Bill

Continued operation of open refrigerated display cabinets after trading hours translates into unnecessarily high electricity consumption. And it can also result in premature compressor failure due to the extended duty cycles of these units.

Seemanns, a name recognised for the supply of quality meat and meat products, recently addressed this issue with the installation of Apex roller blinds on its upright refrigerated display units. This was done to both conserve energy and ensure optimum quality of the products stored in these units.

Locally manufactured from a specially formulated durable aluminium material, the roller blinds provide a cost effective manner of reducing energy losses outside of trading hours. The thermal properties of the material prevent the cold air from escaping out of the refrigerated cabinets. And this ensures that optimum temperature control is easily achieved, extending the life of the perishable goods in the unit as constant temperature eliminates condensation and ice build-up. The material is also easy to clean and resistant to mould and algae.

Roller blinds provide an effective temperature control solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to operate. The cassette is fitted at the top of the upright display unit, and once the store has closed the blind is simply pulled across the cabinet opening and secured in a mechanism at the bottom. The process is reversed just before opening the store the next day. When opened, the roller blinds installed on the display cabinets at Seemanns are completely out of sight.

A critical advantage of a locally manufactured Apex roller blind is that it can be customised to ensure a snug fit into non-standard refrigerated display cabinets. This is important as refrigerated display unit sizes can vary quite substantially and using a blind that provides the ‘closest fit’ will not be an effective solution.

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that such are the savings achieved when using the Apex roller blind, that the capital outlay can be recovered within months.

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