Apex Sector Doors Keep Traffic Moving At Refinery

Two high-speed, roll-up Sector doors have been installed by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors at a Gauteng gold refinery, following a detailed assessment of application requirements by the expert Apex team.

Operations manager at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, James Candy, says the doors were installed inside the refinery to form an air lock measuring about six metres in distance between the processing and storage areas.

“The Sector door is a more compact solution that requires less space. It is well suited to the smaller opening of just 2,4 metres by 2,8 metres between the two areas at the customer’s facility,” says Candy. “This is made possible through a design that integrates the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems into one unit, allowing a reduced footprint while also being cost efficient.”

He says that the automatically controlled doors are ideal for this type of application, facilitating a more stable ambient temperature in the facility. As the forklift and pedestrian traffic enters the air lock area, the opposite door opens only when the entry door has been closed; the doors’ high speed operation ensures that temperature is well controlled while the movement of traffic is not unduly impeded.

“High-speed roll-up doors allow for rapid opening and closing, while offering longer operating life and high safety standards,” he emphasises. “The design incorporates a counterweighted balancing system that ensures high standards of performance and safety, while capable of coping with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic.”

Candy adds that the frame was specially powder-coated to deal with the high chemical levels in the processing area, providing a coating that protects it against erosion in corrosive environments.

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