Safety and Fire Solution Company Chooses Apex Strip Curtains

It makes sense that Firebreak SA, a company focused on providing quality safety and fire solutions to industry, would select Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains to cordon off its receiving and despatch area at its facility in Alrode, Johannesburg.

Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains are manufactured from specially formulated PVC material which can withstand the movement of both pedestrians and motorised materials handling equipment without snagging or scratching. The ends of the individual strip are reinforced by the patented Balledge® which when closed allows an efficient seal preventing unwanted contaminants from entering the cordoned off area.

Receiving and despatch areas are often a hub of activity with products being received from suppliers, and others being despatched to customers daily

Wim Dessing Jnr, sales director at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that it is not uncommon for companies to want to control the ingress of dust and foreign particles at such facilities, especially delivery vehicles moving in and out most of the working day creating excessive dust.

“There was, however, an additional need at Firebreak SA, and this was to supply a solution that would allow the entrance to be opened completely, when necessary,” Dessing says.

This was accomplished by installing the Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains on a sliding rail in the opening. The specially designed track allows the strip curtaining installation to be opened to allow vehicles to access the area, and then closed once the vehicle has left.

Dessing Jnr says the company has been supplying fit-for-purpose products for door openings in industrial and retail facilities for more than 40 years and works closely with customers to find appropriate solutions. Apex Strip Curtains & Doors supplies general purpose strip curtains, high impact traffic doors and high speed roll-up doors.

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