Keeping Fruit Fresh With High-Spec Ditec Alimax Rapid Roll Up Doors

A newly-established fruit processing plant in Salima, 90 km from Lilongwe in Malawi, is setting the trend by being a 100% renewable energy international standard processing facility. The plant’s team visited and worked with over 100 processing facilities around the world, to ensure a design driven by the highest possible quality standards.

In order to produce high-quality purees and juices, the designers focused on processing capabilities as well as adherence to international hygiene standards. The resultant facility comprises a structure that is constructed from high grade steel and block-work and is fully sealed from the elements. The inclusion of a Ditec Alimax high speed roll up door from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors was in line with this focus on quality control.

The plant will initially focus on varieties of mangoes, pineapples and bananas demanded by the major fruit drinks market, and once established it will produce and process in excess of 100 000 Mt of fruit per annum.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is the official distributor in southern Africa for the Italian-manufactured Alimax range of high speed doors and received the contract to supply the 3.6 metre wide, 3 metre high roll up door from the consulting engineers for the project’s EPCM contractor.

“Alimax roll up doors are very popular in the food and beverage processing and packaging industries because of their ability to rapidly open and close, thus ensuring minimal changes in temperature and humidity,” Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors says.

The fruit processing facility comprises a 10 000 m2 structure with reception area, ripening, processing, packaging, storage and dispatch areas. Apex Strip Curtains was requested to provide a high speed door for fitment between the packaging and storage area.

“In addition, we are also supplying a number of our popular Apex Strip Curtains for various locations within the processing facility. The patented Balledge® design on our strip curtains provides an effective thermal seal, but at the same time parts easily under pressure to allow people and goods to move through unhindered,” Dessing points out.

The Alimax high speed roll up doors not only eliminate the ingress of dust, insects and other contaminants, but their design is focused on ease of cleaning and disinfecting. “It is important to allow the easy passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the plant, while concurrently minimising temperature and humidity fluctuations. In addition, the doors need to be resistant to the negative effects of both humidity and detergents, and they should prevent the collection of dust,” Dessing adds.

The Alimax doors have a compact footprint and are easy to install. The design incorporates a flexible self-repairing curtain that is manufactured from highly wind resistant, yet flexible, polyester material that is also impervious to tearing. Animated soul, capable of passion and open to desire, a heart essays writers with http://pro-essay-writer.com/

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