Fry’s Metal Installs Apex Strip Curtains in New Battery Breaker Plant

Fry’s Metal, involved in the secondary smelting and refining of lead, antimony and tin alloys and the production of lead and lead alloys in ingot form, has installed Apex Strip Curtains in its newly commissioned battery breaker plant.

Apex Strip Curtains feature a patented Balledge® design which ensures a positive thermal seal. This means that the strip curtain effectively prevents the ingress of dust into cordoned-off areas.

This is especially important in production applications where a dust-free environment is required. The actual strips overlap in a way that allows easy access for personnel and equipment, but still ensures a positive closure.

The new strip curtains at Fry’s Metal have been installed in the new battery breaker plant to keep out dust and flying objects and ensure that this section complies with quality standards. The company’s Rod Hedley says the order was placed with Apex Strip Curtains based on its “always immediate and excellent service”.

Balledge® Advantage
The popular Apex Strip Curtains are suitable for small, medium and large openings where it is necessary to prevent the ingress of hot or cold air, dust, insects and any other contaminants. This system is suitable for areas where both people and vehicular traffic pass through and the strips are transparent, which promotes both visibility and safety. The specially formulated PVC material does not become brittle with age and can be used in areas where temperatures go down to minus 400C.

Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, says that the Balledge® design ensures that the individual strips do not snag or scratch goods and people moving through the opening. This feature also strengthens the strips ensuring a longer life even in the harshest applications.

The strip curtains are supplied with galvanised mounting strips, complete with mounting wall brackets, bolts, nuts and washers. Individual fastenings, or facia strips, make for easy replacement of damaged or torn strips, without having to dismantle the entire curtain.

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