Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains Fit For Purpose at Pan African Shopfitters

Pan African Shopfitters, industry leaders in custom and bespoke shopfitting for major national and international retail brands, has installed Apex General Purpose Strip Curtains in its paint shop to prevent dust entering the area from the adjacent joinery shop.

About 60 metres of clear strip curtaining was supplied for the installation and Pan African Shopfitters’ purchasing manager, Kim Tiley, says the PVC strip curtaining is performing exactly as required, completely sealing off the paint shop to prevent any possibility of dust ingress, while still allowing easy passage for personnel and work pieces.

“This is a great product and we were also impressed with the pricing and fast turnaround times on the two orders we placed for this installation,” he says.

Manufactured from specially formulated PVC material that does not become brittle with use, Apex Strip Curtains are transparent for optimum visibility and safety. This locally manufactured product is best known for its patented Balledge® design which, while providing an effective thermal seal, parts easily under pressure to allow people and goods to move through unhindered.

The Balledge® design ensures that the individual strips do not snag or scratch goods and people moving through the opening. This feature also strengthens the strips ensuring a longer life even in the harshest applications.

Apex Strip Curtains are generally used to prevent the ingress of hot or cold air, depending on the season, and this is considered important as comfortable employees are more productive. This is especially true when hot air is trapped in a warehouse or manufacturing facility causing excessive heat build-up.

While this product plays an important role in the summer months, it is also useful in the colder season, as it prevents cold air from entering the workplace and maximises internal heating sources.

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